Level up your video calls

Level up your video calls

A short guide to being the person with the best video quality on the call.

Alright, no fluffy intro. You want your video to look super polished. Here's how you do that:

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What you'll need


A camera


A lens


An Elgato CamLink 4K


A stand for your camera

The camera

You can use almost any modern camera. If you've already got one laying around then that's great! You just need to ensure it has a clean HDMI output.

What's a "clean" HDMI output?

Here's what I'd recommend:

I've stuck with Sony here so that all links are compatible. Also… that's what I use and their stuff is great.

Tried and tested

Sony A7iii

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Sony α6400

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The lens

Often your camera come with a lens. This is typically a 18-55mm or a 24-70mm with a variable aperture. This is a great all-purpose lens and should be what you start out with until you find the focal length that works for your shot.

Want that super smooth blurry background?

Other bits you'll need

The Elgato CamLink 4K is the magic box that makes all of this work taking the HDMI output from your camera and turning into a video source for your computer.

The stand is just a nice stick to get your camera at the right height.

Tried and tested

Elgato CamLink 4K

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Tried and tested

Camera stand

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And some stuff you might like

Unlike the above, you wont need any of these but they might make your life a little easier.

A dummy battery. This will allow you to leave your camera on all day without worrying about it running flat or causing harm to the real battery by being charged continuously.

Tried and tested

Dummy battery

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A tripod head to attach to the top or your camera stand will allow you to adjust the angle of your shot where the stand will only hold the camera in one position.

Tried and tested

Tripod head

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Camera settings

There's a ton of settings you can tweak to get things working "just right". but for most people the settings below are a good starting point.


Rest of world







Shutter speed

1 / 60





Why are the Americas and rest of world different?

Wanna dig into the nerdy details a little more?


Picture profile

Frame rate

Shutter speed



Turning that fancy camera into a video source


Connect your camera to the Elgato CamLink 4K

The wire you need to do this depends on your camera. It might be a simple HDMI to HDMI cable or you might need a Mini HDMI to HDMI.


Connect your CamLink 4K to a computer

Ideally connect this directly to your computer or through a high-speed hub to avoid having to troubleshoot issues caused by slower hubs.


Download and install the Elgato Camera hub app

You can download this directly from Elgato.


Enjoy! 🎉

This should now have picked up your camera and created a camera input you can select in Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, Slack huddles, everywhere.